Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Stats



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At one time, I was excited about upgrading my Win Mobile 6.5 phone to the new Windows Phone 7.  No Longer. My next phone will be an Android based phone.

WHY? WP7 only syncs Contacts and Calendar items and ONLY through the CLOUD.  There are some things I do want to place on the Cloud: contact information one one of them.  I also use Outlook Tasks and Notes and neither can be synced to WP7.  Syncing Contacts and Calendar items through Outlook becomes a bit more of a chore.

No longer can you sync directly between a PC and your phone.  Microsoft is getting flamed on various forums for this change that WP7 buyers are finding out after the fact.

I have used a Win mobile device since 2003 and this is the first time, I will be migrating away. Android will not allow me to sync Notes or Tasks, but I can still sync directly between Outlook Contacts and Calendar items via USB,



I'm quite shocked that only 12 "live tiles" per month are being added.

But i prefer quality over quantity so it will be interesting to see how useful the new apps are.

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