Microsoft Reaches Out to Flickr and QuickTime Users, Updates Windows Live Photo Gallery and Virtual Earth 3D

Microsoft Reaches Out to Flickr and QuickTime Users, Updates Windows Live Photo Gallery and Virtual Earth 3D

Flickr-Friendly Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery adds lots of great editing and sharing features to Vista's Windows Photo Gallery - and also works with Windows XP. Now, you can use it to publish your photos to Yahoo's popular Flickr photo-sharing website. After you install Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta, Windows Update updates it for you. Once the update's installed, the publish on Flickr option shows up in the Publish menu under More Services...

Other improvements include numerous bug fixes, and, for Windows XP users, the ability to deep-six (uninstall, for those of you in Rio Linda) Windows Desktop Search after the update to Live Photo Gallery is installed.

DirectX 9.0c Update Time Again

Microsoft's latest DirectX 9.0c update is also recommended, as with other recent DX9.0c updates, for Windows Vista users as well as Windows XP and Windows 2000 users. Grab it from the Microsoft download site.

View Your World in 3D - version 2.0

Version 2.0 of Virtual Earth 3D is now available. Virtual Earth 3D adds 3D functionality to Live Search maps - and it's cool! If you haven't tried Virtual Earth 3D yet - or you're looking for a better version, grab it from Microsoft's download site.

MacOS Users: Play Windows Media Files in QuickTime!

MacOS users! Are you tired of switching between QuickTime and Windows Media Player just to play Windows Media files? Microsoft has just rolled out Windows Media Components for QuickTime, from Flip4Mac. Use the free player to play .wma and .wmv files in QuickTime, or update it to add the ability to edit and distribute Windows Media files.



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Quote: Now, you can use it to publish your photos to Google's popular Flickr photo-sharing website. Doesn't Yahoo! own Flickr? I mean, it says it's a Yahoo! company at the lower right corner of the page or did I misread the post?



Thanks for the correction about Flickr - my bad. I've fixed the reference in the article. For penance, I must now upload some pictures...
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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