Microsoft Patch Tuesday Knocks Out Skype - What Can We Learn From This?



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"Instead of automatically downloading and installing updates and rebooting , set it to automatically download updates, but not install them until you say so"

I have been doing that for years. The most annoying thing is for Windows to say it is going to reboot and starts counting down at 12 in the afternoon while at work. Then you select reboot later and all that means is 10 mins later. MS I will install your updates when I please. Heck, I just installed them yesterday night :D



I think we'd all like to know more about these shenanigans. Skype has posted another blog entry going into more detail but conveniently ignoring the most important question: does Skype know what "P2P" means, and why weren't Skype users told they were installing P2P software?

I know I've never read anything that said I was part of a massive P2P network when installing Skype. If this is true, how much of my bandwidth is being wasted because of it? What security threat does it pose?

P2P doesn't mean what Skype thinks it does. Peer 2 Peer networks are just that, one user connected to another. Based on that logic, no amount on machines being "rebooted for Windows updates" should ever affect their network. No, Skype must mean that are using a distributed network similar to bittorent, that spreads the network load among the users. If Skype is doing this, we have a right to know.

Please put the might of Maximum PC behind this and find some answers!



There's a new post up now that clarifies where the fault for Skype's problems lies: with Skype itself. See

The second page of this posting discussed in particular the role that Skype's so-called 'supernodes' had in the failure, how they work, and how to prevent your PC from becoming a supernode if you don't want it to be.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



i have never had automatic rebooting on in my life. its awful, and whether or not this is an excuse for an entire VoIP crashing, people still shouldn't have the auto-restart feature on.



You know maybe I'm just paraniod, but does this sound like a load of bull to anyone else? There has been four years of "patch tuesdays" and this is the only time a situation like this occurs. Maybe all Skype users didn't turn on automatic updates until two weeks ago. My money is on a hacker messing with the system. That being said Skype users should keep an eye on their accounts. Then again I could just be paranoid.



Agreed. How do PC's being rebooted affect a P2P network? This isn't a DISTRIBUTED network (i.e. bittorrent) - or IS it? That would be the only way a lot of computer restarting could possibly affect it, and even then it's unlikely because each machine would only be down for a matter of minutes.

I smell a stink....

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