Microsoft Hails IE9 as Most Energy-Efficient Browser



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As a Chrome user, I don't think battery life is a compelling reason to get wrapped up in IE9.  That said - I send people to BF India/China all the time, and to them, ten extra minutes of battery life would be a godsend.



Great!  Let's compare their OS and office packages while we're at it.e thinks any savings from using IE will quickly be eaten up.

The last time a company tried this kind of arguement with me, I was driven further from their business.  I find it very offense for MS to think I am gulliable and ignorant enough to believe this study and use it as a basis for software selection.

I didn't care much for IE before this, and now I care even less.



I wonder how much power they consumed making this comparison.



I think some people are missing the point; Microsoft was probably targeting the enterprise side of customers. For individuals, it may not be such a big deal to squeeze a little bit more juice out of their machines.

But for a big business with a couple of hundred if not thousand computers running at once, there would be a larger difference. I'm not saying that switching to IE9 will save companies, but it's a free upgrade to save some wattage (and hence dollars) and perhaps bump IE9's bit of the internet pie.

And worldwide, could save some greenhouse gasses. xD



Who really cares? A 10 minute difference in battery life does not determine which browser someone uses. I will still hold on quite happily using Firefox and Chrome for all of my surfing needs.

Message to Microsoft, you've been abusing customers for years. Please come up with better incentives for us to use your products. You're going to eventually lose your market share in OS, office and productivity and other areas one desktop at a time for however long it takes... Dinosaurs didn't see the disadvantages to being dinosaurs until it was too late. Another thing, you've never really had to compete until a plethora of great open source stuff has come along and this is the best you got?



Another way to see this is that there is a reason Opera feels like the fastest browser: they have clearly been able to utilize more resources from the computer than their competitors. This is a good thing, and a mark of good software design. Of course, if Opera also was the slowest browser it would have been another tale.



A ten min diff Im not impressed this is like the diff between apples and oranges



Hey Maximum, how about you do a comparison? I really cannot trust this as the source is too likely to be biased.

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