Mi Casa Verde Vera Review



Wow..cool review..thank you for posting this..actually I´m thinking of buying this one, so I really appreciate your opinion - very helpful!

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Maybe you could feature a story on the CQC controller - Charmed Quark.


Too hard to do a hands-on review yourself of this platform, very steep learning curve.

BUT, it's the supreme master of home controllers available to the masses.  Crestron would be the king, but it's generally dealer-only.  Same with AMX and Control4 - you need to be a dealer. 

Find a DIY CQC install, for a 'DIY Ultimate Install' feature.

I'm leaning toward CQC myself, but it won't be for another year that I'm ready to purchase.



So hard to find comparison reviews of home controllers.

Michael, did you consider any other platforms before deciding on the Vera?

Does the Vera offer control via other protocols, e.g. RS232/serial, IP, or RS485, besides z-wave?

I found some home controller users active at the cocoontech.com forums; some z-wave talk mixed in there.  Seems that when most people decide on a controller, they become active in that one specific controller forum, e.g. Mi Casa Verde, HomeSeer, CQC, etc.

Because of the time and effort involved in setting up a home controller, not many people are in the position to compare.



We have been using Vera for some time.  It works fine, and as indicated in the article, was not completely apparent as to the setup.  The comments about support are right on target.  It is very difficult to get answers to questions, and even the forum is quite sparse with regard to information.  We have been promised a software (UI) upgrade for months, but it keeps getting delayed with no status reporting or even an expected compeletion date.  The lack of progress is worrying with regard to the future of the company.  There's potential with this product, though, so we are hoping things get better.


Keith E. Whisman

We are actually in the process of finding a new home, making bids and praying for an accepted offer. We are looking at 2500 SqFt homes in the Phoenix Area that consist of 4 or 5 bedrooms and were built in the past 6years. These homes are going for less than $100 thousand right now. We just made an offer on a 2700Sqft home 5bed/3bath for $90K built in 2007. We get that house I'm going to try and wire it up, this is cool technology. I can just imagine shutting off the lights and TV's in the kids rooms from the comfort of my bedroom computer. Just awesome. 

Michael is there a Z-Wave controller that shuts kids off? LOL.. 

How about some sort of control that can tell the computer what is going on with the Washer and Dryer. What I think would be useful is a wireless connection from the washer and dryer that tells you how much time is left on the washer and dryer. 



Hi Keith:

I'm hoping I'll get a chance to check out some connected appliances at CES this year. I'm also meeting with the Z-Wave Alliance to see other new home-control products.


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