MGE Dragon

MGE Dragon

MGE_dragon.jpgThe dragon is certainly one of the most, um, “creative” case designs we’ve seen lately. Yet despite its overt cheesiness, it’s a better-than-average PC enclosure with a lot going for it—just not enough to justify its steep price tag.

Let’s start with the front: A huge dragon is emblazoned on the brushed-aluminum front bezel, and it’s lit by several blue LEDs. Below is a display that shows fan activity, temperatures, a clock, and system uptime.

That’s all good, but the display would be much more useful if it was positioned near the top of the case, where you could actually read it. A sturdy, built-in handle on top of the case terminates at a pop-up panel that hides USB, audio, and FireWire ports.

Building a system in the Dragon is effortless, thanks to its removable motherboard tray and tool-less assembly. Drives are secured using über-nifty latches that pop on or off in a New York minute. The sliding clips that hold down PCI cards, however, aren’t secure enough for our tastes.

Two blue LED 8cm fans—one front intake and one rear exhaust—provide an average amount of cooling. We prefer bigger, quieter fans, however, so it’s lucky the included ATX 2.0 500W PSU, which the manufacturer claims is SLI-ready, boasts a 12cm belly fan.
With its crazy lighting and lightweight construction, the Dragon is ideal for LAN-lovers. We just don’t know how many gamers will be won over by the Dragon’s price, which seems rather steep for a case made from thin aluminum and plastic. For this kind of money, you can get a super-sturdy case with more panache.

Month Reviewed: April 2006

+ POWER PLAYER: 500-watt PSU included; tool-less; strong handle.

- POWER OUTAGE: Sub-par cooling; poorly placed display; pricey.





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