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also check out imeem, and songbird (already Maxpc recommended)



People should try out while it's still around, even though it's technically not software.



Please stop recommending cleaning the Prefetch folder. This is a Myth!
XP Myths

CCleaner Cripples Application Load Times

The Prefetch folder is self cleaning at 128 entries and old Prefetch files do absolutely NOTHING but take up a ridiculously small amount of disk space. Windows XP efficiently cleans the folder based on information stored in the prefetch (.pf) trace files to determine the most used ones and will leave the 32 most used files. CCleaner irresponsibly deletes prefetch files based on the NTFS last access date which if disabled will delete the entire folder! There is absolutely NO REASON to use this option in CCleaner.
Prefetch Resource Links:
Windows XP: Kernel Improvements Create a More Robust, Powerful, and Scalable OS

Kernel Enhancements for Windows XP

Benchmarking on Windows XP

Windows XP Performance

Misinformation and the The Prefetch Flag - Ryan Myers Microsoft Windows Client Performance Team

One more time: do not clean out your Prefetch folder!

Beware of Bogus XP Advice

Tip of the day: Don’t clean out the Prefetch folder

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