Maximum PC's 2008 Geek Quiz


Maximum PC's 2008 Geek Quiz

Geeks. We can go about our day unnoticed, quietly making sure the systems that allow the workplace to operate efficiently continue to run. Some people might consider us downright dull—and that’s just fine by us. Because when something out of the ordinary happens—when a car appears in someone’s office, a cubicle is transformed into a fish tank, or livestock roams the halls—we manage to fly right under the radar, and thus remain free to commit evermore elaborate shows of ingenuity without reproach.

In addition to testing your tech knowledge, this year’s Geek Quiz celebrates the best geek pranks of all time, which, unlike baser schoolyard antics such as swirlies and wet willies, showcase intelligence, skill, and guile. If you think you’ve topped the ones we’ve listed here, be sure to contact us at

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Dude, that stupid thing is hard....



Oh my good lord. I think I hurt myself. -pain- This quiz is definitely not for the faint-of-heart.



My head's still spin'n on that one...

not all the above

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