No BS Podcast #10


No BS Podcast #10

Welcome to the holy-crap-we-have-a-new-website edition of the Maximum PC Podcast! This week Gordon, Will, Dave, Tom, and Jeremy discuss:

  • Intel's next-next-gen CPU!
  • Slowing add-in videocard sales
  • 20 MILLION Vista licenses sold </dr evil>
  • Maximum PC's rad new redesign

All that, plus a live update from the Maximum PC Lab, reader questions, and Gordon's Rant of the Week, in this week's riveting edition of the Maximum PC Podcast!


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I love Gordon's rants, but I hate the all the BLEEPS covering his explicatives. I am an adult. Is there a version of the MaximumPC Podcast that is not designed for little children? Oh, wait! Little children aren't likely to be your target audience here anyway -- so why again do you bleep out words that we all use everyday? It just calls attention to them more than anything else. What's the point? If you really think that your editorial reputation would suffer, then ask Gordon to refrain from profanity rather than BLEEP his words. It really detracts from my enjoyment of his rants.



You guys need to stick stick with what you know.

As a developer, I know that you aren't going to write a program specific to the number of CPU's that the system has. A game written with multi core or multi cpu's in mind, is going to run fine no matter how many cpu's you have. One cpu will run slow, more than one faster. Unless of course, the developer is a complete idiot.

Motherboards with more than one processor on board have been around forever. Just because all of a sudden they are on the same chip isn't going to change things for the developer.



I havent had a chance to listen to this new podcast yet (i save it for my morning commute) but i'd totally be down for 30 mins of non stop ranting form gordon lol

just so long as it doesnt affect the rants in the next episode :D



I have enjoyed all the podcasts thus far. I think it is a excellent way to deliver input, comments and opinions on current events. These days things happen so fast in this field. From the time you send an issue to press and we receive it things can change. This can be a great way to bridge the gap. As well as being entertaining! You had me LOL with the "out takes" at the end. Keep up the good work. In print, online, (I like what you have done with the space) and on pod. Thank You All!!



This one was really good, much like all of the others. I'm not sure which one of you said it, but you mentioned requests for 30 minutes of nothing but rants. I'd vote for it :).



Hey guys really dug this one, Humm??? Could be the best one yet!

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