Maximum PC hi-jinks

Maximum PC hi-jinks

It’s marketed as a device that “prevents sleep mode and screen savers” but I honestly think WiebeTech has manufactured the Mouse Jiggler 2 as the ultimate PC prank.

The size of USB key, the Jiggler 2 will install as an HID device and immediately start to jiggle the mouse. Not just tiny jitters, but spastic jumping around the screen. Seeing no practical use for it, I decided to prank that youngster, David Murphy by plugging it into a front USB port on his PC while he was in a staff meeting. I would have done it before he arrived at work but his machine was password locked. If I left it plugged in, he would have logged in and then seen it initialize in Windows. Not wanting to violate company rules, I decided against resetting his password and instead waited for him to step away.

The Jiggler 2 worked like a charm and young Mr. Murphy was exasperated as he figured his keyboard or mouse had finally nuked. The fun lasted until David decided it must have been an OS problem and began tinkering with it. To make a long story short, his machine was down for a few hours but he did ultimately find the Jiggler 2 poking out the port.

If I had to do it again, I probably would have monitored Mr. Murphy to make sure the prank didn’t go too far. I also would have cracked the case open, hooked the Jiggler 2 to a USB cable and wired it up inside the case.

The danger now is wondering what piece of hardware Mr. Murphy will use to retaliate.



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At work, when I remote into a server, there's a gpo that forces a timeout after 15 minutes of idle. Even if I'm running a script, it will kick me right out. I've written shell scripts to open notepad and start typing a sentence over and over, but even that doesn't work. Maybe this dumb drive will help if I can get it to work through Remote Desktop.


Darth Ninja

sorry to tell you that your behind the curve of the office arms race:



to think that these device was meant to actually do something other than annoy and mess your keyboard and mouse sounds like it should be worthy of no more than a 2. I don't believe it fits the criteria for a 1.... correct???? Jeezz... it does sounds tempting to get my hands for prankin



LOL Its stuff like that you need to record with a web cam.





You may want to check on your "supply drop" Murph, read in one of the watch dogs not too long ago they were having issues sending these USB missles out...? ;)



Ahaha! That would be fun... Office Wars!!

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