Maximum Modding News: October

Maximum Modding News: October


I’ll take Modding for $1000 Alex: Actually, try closer to $2000. The Mod Shop is down to the final battle of its first full blown tournament. Get your votes in! This also means there are already winners! The tourneys have prizes for the top eight competitors, not just the eventual numero uno! Cash prizes total $2000, but copies of Windows Vista Ultimate are among the non-cash prizes. By my math, that’s over $4K in cash and premium schwag for each tourney! Get your votes in and get your rig in. The next tourney will start before you know it (and previous top winners have to sit on the bench). New entries have to acquire “props” to get into competitions, so enter sooner rather than later.

You are Authorized: Entering a rig (or even winning) at the Mod Shop doesn’t mean you can’t enter other competitions. The Rig Of The Month is always open and picks winners (oddly) once a month. Prizes vary, but November’s winner picked up a $500 shopping spree at Not bad. To enter, send an email to rig AT MaximumPC DOT com with a few hi-rez digital pics and a 300 word write up.

Halloween Is Here!: What does Halloween have to do with modding? Well, what other time of the year can you easily find ghoulish modding materials on the cheap? Nothing says uber mod better than fog rolling out of your case after a three hour session of Peggle. Hit your local craft stores and stock up!

Houston, We Have RSS: A number of modding sites have rss news feeds. MaximumPC’s Mod_Blog and Rig of The Month (ROTM) are no exception. For the Mod Blog you can catch your weekly update by dropping into your reader. If for some reason you need your ROTM fix, but can’t seem to find a copy of MaximumPC nearby (for shame!), subscribe yourself to The entries will not be as up to date as what you can expect from the magazine – but hey – it’s the quick cure for when you need the quick fix.

Happy Moddin’ and Happy Halloween!

Today’s bling is especially for Paul Lilly and all you other C64 fans out there. It’s an extensive mod of a (real) C64 system at BigMech . Thanks to Metku Mods for turning us on to this one.




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I chuckled a little when I read, "...but copies of Windows Vista Ultimate are among the non-cash prizes"--immediately after I finished reading your article about Vista Reactivation woes. You guys call that a prize? Isn't that like saying to somebody, "Congratulations! You won! Here's your prize! It's a sh*t sandwhich!!!"?




Well, while I see your point, the sandwich you mention isn't worth a few hundred on ebay or such. And frankly - unless you go the route of OSX or Linux - you will eventually be using Vista - you will be assimilated - persistence is futile! Modder's need OS's for new rigs - so a free one - no matter the annoyances right now - is a boon.

Anyways, it's still a great deal - after all, entry is free :).



"Today’s bling is especially for Paul Lilly and all you other C64 fans out there."
Sweet mod! I threw up in my mouth a little bit when he ripped apart a perfectly functioning C64, but the end result more than justified the means - the C64 never looked so hawt!



i sent an email with the photos / writeup, but i've been having email troubles recently, and I don't know if they actually sent or not. i've sent other emails asking this very same thing, but havn't gotten anything back.......... anyone?



PM me in the Forums Abstrakt and I'll see what I can do.

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