Maximum Modding News: November

Maximum Modding News: November

Shop Talk: It’s official, the winner of the Mod Shop’s first full tournament is Paul “Crimson Sky” Capello and his Doom 3: Project Mars City. The second tournament is already well under way and just entered the Sweet Sixteen. As the rules say, Project Mars City will have to warm the bench from here on. If you want to be in on the action (and prizes), get your rig(s) entered early, “props” are required to enter a tourney.

For the Fan Boys: Need a fan? MNPCTech is offering a schweet deal on 92mm Panaflo fans. Can you say $1.99 USD? Yes you can! All that and ball bearings too. These make awesome stocking stuffers (hint hint) and at a buck-ninety-nine, I can envision very full stockings (I generally put out 5 or 6 stockings just to be safe).

TBCS Makeover: The Best Case Scenario – one of the old guard of modding sites (coincidently founded by Paul Capello), is just about finished with a long awaited face lift. The new site promises more content and Modcasts! We’ll watch closely. In the mean time, check it out!

November ROTM: The November winner of MaximumPC’s Rig Of The Month is Brian Carter’s Mystique2 – the results of a Cooler Master case-mod contest. The Holiday issue (that mythical 13th issue) sports Troy Fryfogle’s second Hellraiser inspired mod, Hellusion – complete with actual illusion! Both won $500 sprees. Get your own mod in! Pickup an issue, check out the winners, and check out the rules!

Bling: Todays bling is also a bit of news – just opened a new project gallery site called PimpedComputer. Grab the volume knob and head on over!

Happy Moddin’



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