Windows XP SP2 Users Cutting it Close



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I upgraded once to SP3, and the computer never booted up again.

Had to format, re-instal Windows, do all updates up to SP2 and STOP.

Total bummer...



Thats funny I havent heard that before nor have I seen it. Most of the PC's I work on are still Xp and almost all are still running SP2. I havent found one yet that couldnt be upgraded to SP3. 



Then it seems to me that Microsoft needs to be a little more aware in its product support.  Lots of OEM machines that came loaded with XP won't update to SP3.  I've seen this on some HPs and Dells since the release of SP3.  Typically, I just patch them with every OTHER patch that should be included in SP3, but it sounds as though if it doesn't have that moniker in the registry, then updates are out of the question for these customers after mid-July.  For those low-use folks who just check their email and browse a website or two, a P4 or Phenom chip bought after 2005 running Windows XP is plenty fast for what they're doing on a day to day basis.  Seems to me they shouldn't be commoditized into upgrading so they can perform the same tasks when NOT doing so would expose them to security risks.  Given that lots of these folks are older and simply won't understand the security risks, what will result is a lot of Microsoft machines with vulnerabilities exploited by every fake antivirus, botnet app, and trojan horse that comes along. 

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