Windows 7 Off to a Stronger Start than Vista



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7 is just Vista finished. Vista was and IS a good OS that got off to a bad start. I got on board with Vista later than many and liked it from day one MUCH
better than I ever liked XP. The slow boot and slow reading of other
physical drives were my only complaints in the beginning and they
eventually fixed the latter.

I made the switch to 7 and I love it and think it's Microsoft's best offering to date buts it's just a faster slightly fancier Vista. I would be more impressed if they had skipped Vista and went straight to 7.

I'm sure a lot of people disagree with me but I never liked XP I just put up with it.



I look at the relationship between Vista and Windows 7 the same way as I look at Windows 2000 and XP.

Windows 2000 was the BETA and XP was the finished product.

Windows 2000 was the break from the Win 9x technology into the new architecture that eventually became the well loved and still widely used Windows XP. Sure 2000 was a full fledged release BUT no one liked it and it quickly faded into obscurity once XP came out.

Sound familiar Vista?



I have a distinct feeling you're getting ME and 2K slightly mixed up.  I don't know anyone who hated 2K, but it was never used much in consumer circles.

XP is 2K for the masses with a prettier interface and other niceties.



Yes, Windows 7 is basically like Vista Service Pack 3. Microsoft didn't really need to release another OS, the reason for Windows 7 was purely marketing.



 You're confusing Microsoft and Apple I think. Apple releases service packs as entire OS'. Microsoft releases service packs as... service packs...


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I couldn't disagree more.

When have they ever overhauled the UI, in a VERY effective manner, or added major new features (Homegroups, Libraries, just to start) in a service pack?  Ohh yea, never.

Yes, they do overhaul features, like the wireless stuff in, I believe it was WinXP SP2. That doesn't count.



Sorry, I clicked the post button twice.

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