Will IT Workers Remain Loyal when the Recession Ends?



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I agree taht employers need to focus on preventing burnout and keeping their best
people engaged at work. That is availeble for any company i know. Great post! You should try <a href="http://www.pokerbot-online.com/">holdem bot</a> when you think you have time ;)



Dear IT worker in Pune, India,

It's understandable, your opinion.  It's invalid...but understandable.

Just remember, jobs are outsourced ONLY because you're CHEAP.  One day soon, the smart companies will start to realize (and some have already), that you get what you pay for.

We don't complain because you have our jobs.  We complain because we've been betrayed by those that we worked hard for.  We were the foundation that made that company what it is, just to see 5 of you for every one of us take our places.  Not because you're better.  Because you're CHEAP.

I'm not saying you're all incompetent, but I pity those of you who aren't, and have to pick up the slack for the rest.



I am IT worker in Pune, India.  I would be glad to have your job for 20% of what you make.  You spoiled Americans complain too much.



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Maya King,



Ive been trying to find a new job for the last month.  I work
for a city government and make where middle class starts.  I've
been here nearly 2 years and they've suspended any step increases and I
have no chance of upward movement short of someone dying.  I
basically come in day in day out punch my time.

 I'm really
trying to get on at a university since the pay is much much better and
I could work on a masters for basically free.  The problem is
nobody considers me because of my age.  Being 23 and have a
college degree, almost 2 years in a government, and many years
experience doing all the IT work for a photo studio, my age causes me
to get no calls back.  I can't think of anything else because the
5 jobs I've applied to I meet all the requirements in years of
experience, education, and background of the work I've done that
relates to the job.  



CIOs: Don't fret.

Economy is not going anywhere, quick! 



To get a good raise these days in the United States you MUST leave your current employer. Only when you get hired at a new company will you receive compensation the IT staffers have missed out on for the last three years of poor raises, if there were raises at all. There's no way companies will be able to hold onto their talented IT staff, unless it's an IT-only company. And those companies will be headhunting the other people leaving their positions, instead of rewarding all the existing IT staff.

I can garuntee you that myself and my staff will not see our pay increase to make up for all the sacrifices we've been forced to swallow.

Yet at the same time, yeah, it's good to have a job. But loyalty is dead from both the employer and the employee.



I think it will really boi down to how the IT staff was treated during the recession itself.  This can be said for just about any job title.  Unfortunatly I would imagine that most of us have had to make some sort of sacrifices in the work place.  It has to boil down to how the company handled them and will the workers be recompensated after it is all over with perks either financial, emotional or other that help to make up for the issues at hand.   For instance my wife works for a fortune 100 company that has treated her and the rest of the staff like numbers or pawns in the recession period.  I would imagine that the turnover in her office will be huge within the next two years.  However, I work for a smaller company that has changed and adapter to the market landscape allowing us to stay reletively even with how our sales and active business has been.   We have been asked to make concessions, but on the back end the company has been more laxed on perks like flex time, vacation time and started to do more rewards like company lunches, promotional rewards and so on. 


again it goes back to the fact that when dealing and working with people there has to be a give and take.  



Maybe those IT workers should learn how to take less than a week to do something correctly, instead of sitting around all day.



We sit around a lot because we're the absolute bottom of the totem pole. I kid you not, the janatorial staff at our building makes more per hour than I do, and the only person in our department with any decision making power is our boss. So when users complain about how it's taking weeks to get a replacement part, they should complain to the person who's leaving early to go golfing, taking long lunches, and letting our purchase orders stagnate on his desk. People always hate the IT guys because we're the front lines that you actually see. As it is, unless it's something that can be fixed with a software reinstall, we lack the power to actually do anything about it. Just something to think about next time you think your IT guys are just screwing around while you have a busted machine.



Seems to me that many of those IT workers would recognize that even though there had to be some belt tightening, at least they didn't get sent packing. Plus, on a rebound, the managers should start early and let the IT staff know what they intend to give BACK.  As long as I got a doggie treat for sticking around through the tough times, I would be content to stay.



 Amen, I was so close to leaving until the CEO of my company said they reconized  my contributions and had plans after the recession.

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The CEO of my company told us he plans to replace us via lower cost employees in India.



Unfortunately that has little to do with the recession and more to do with the greed of executives and shareholders that view the people that make the company actually function as little more than a disposable asset. I maintain that there IS a place in business for treating your employees like human beings instead of pens, and companies that do it right thrive because the employees recognize it and put forth their best efforts - they WANT to be there. Walmart is the poster child for treating your employees like trash, and as a result have got to have THE absolute worst employees in the world. They can't even be bothered to act like they give a damn.

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