Symantec: Most Enterprises Losing Big Bucks from Cyber Attacks



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This just in, McDonalds says studies indicate eating a Big Mac every day can extend your lifespan by 10 years.



Where, oh where, do they get these "statistics" from? Why, it's from their "own security experts"! And the number of cyber attacks, identity thefts, and plain internet boogie-men just keep climbing and climbing and then, OMG!, they get even worse!

 Tell me, you "Norton Security Experts", if you are doing your JOBS, why are things getting so much worse? I mean, if i am paying you $100 a year and yet the chances of me being a victim grows by 1000% during that year, why don't I just SAVE that $100 and go with the FREE MS Security Essentials and spend that $100 repairing my "oh so infected" computer?

Or better yet, I will call up my ISP and tell them I am canceling my internet connection because NORTON says that I have a 250% chance this week of losing all my money to "internet thieves"!

Why does MPC even bother printing these stories? Because they are free and they scare people, same reason newspapers put murders and earthquakes on the front page.  




 And I wonder how many of those companies are running Symantec "security" applications.


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Bang i was about to say the same damn thing and that maybe businesses should be using MSE instead of shitmantic and McStuffies who always seem to be some of the worst performing AV solutions found   





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