Survey: Government Agencies Guilty of Sloppy File Transfer Methods



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I use FTP all the time for transferring files- when I'm on a closed network, or inside a strongly protected VLAN. If they're talking to "IT and information security professionals", I'm betting that a lot of the FTP use has to do with admin tasks that aren't conducted in an open network environment.

More worrisome is that Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail and physical media part, because that's what everybody else is doing too. To take my situation as an example, I share a computer with 20 other soldiers. The only really secure place I have for my work-related files is my email account, all 90 MB of it. Just storing a NBC warfare Powerpoint briefing takes up 10% of that. Sure, I could cut down some of the images, but then the Fallout references wouldn't be as funny.

 So where do I store most of my big files? In that lovely 7.5 gig Gmail account of mine, of course!

 As for the physical media part, when shared drives are largely verboten in favor of frequently locked-down Sharepoint sites, and email files are limited to 5 megs or smaller (but no zip, cmd, or exe files!), I'll sneakernet a collection of 1000 small files or a 100 MB software install.

Government systems are frequently just as secure and functional as your average rock.



 Don't worry about monitoring ftp.  The Chinese are doing it for us.  Oh, and your email accounts too.

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60% use FTP!!!


Ok I've been a government employee for 11 years (military and law enforcement) I've worked with just about every alphabet agency there is in the US.

I have NEVER seen any agency use FTP.

Floppy disks, Zip disks, CD, DVD and Flash drives are the norm (yes floppy and zip still get used god help us all). 

 There are some agnecys that refused to use their own email systems and use either hotmail or gmail accounts because they can't get their work done otherwise.

The whole system is messed up on a clossal level pretty much universally between government agencies.



interesting stats.

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