Survey Finds Video Conferencing isn't all It's Cracked Up to Be



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I was once on a 12-person team that had a weekly meeting, and each of us had a laptop. I noticed at the first meeting, only the manager and myself didn't have noses buried in a starting with the second meeting, I always left my laptop in my office and brought just a pen. It took the manager over three months to realize that I was the only person in the room who constantly had my focus on her, at which point she finally laid down the law:

Last person to close the lid takes meeting notes.

We didn't need videoconferencing to exhibit a lack of decorum.



I work for a large coporation - and I consider that our corporate HQ is pretty tech-savvy - all with one exception - video teleconferencing. None of our conference rooms are equipped with video-conferencing. It's all just voice-tele conferencing only.



Spam filter is garbage. I'm not even posting on this site anymore.

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