Survey: Business PCs Brimming with Malware



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It's hard enough for a regular Internet consumer to avoid the malicious programs. Even with an antivirus with daily updates you can't be sure that you PC is clean. I imagine that this situation is even harder when you're an employer at a large corporation. With a trojan in its network, the company could lose a lot of money and secured data. Still, I didn't agree with the software restrictions and I believe that the companies should put more money in defense programs.



Most common place that cause businesses to be infected by malware is facebook block that and porn sites and most of your worries are gone.

I clean 10 machines a day from businesses that don't block employees from facebook and find by logs 99% infections are from facebook after blocking all those sites no longer have to clean malware off there systems twice a week.




I submit that people at my company (think largest PC manufacturer in the world) need to master "reply" vs. "reply to all" before they even try to tackle NOT opening that obviously malware/trojan email.

It blows me away that some of these idiots make 3x the salary that I do and can hardly log in to their PC's much less open a friggin spreadsheet, and connect to a network share? Yeah thats like really hard and stuff for them.

I work with fools.



HaHa,  The bugs are crawling on a Mac! :)

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