Support Firm Suggests Holding Off on Windows 7 Upgrade, at Least for Now



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Anyone thats using Vista is still putting thier "digita life" at risk and if you have new hardware you have to have good reasons to not move forward. The thing that gets me about that stance is he is saying that you should stay nice and safe in your cave but you know, the wolf knows where you live. To think its a HUGE undertaking is funny. There are plenty of services to help people make the move. If the goon Squ*d can do it then most people should be able to get it done without damage to thier respective digital lives.



I agree with MaxPC's KickAss verdict of Win7 and have seen no driver issues in 7. However, I am dual booting cause the software vendors will take time to get their act straight. Case in point, got the latest version of ZoneAlarm pro which is supposed to be Win7 "ready" but after installing it my PC experienced random freezes. It could be that fact that I was running the 64bit version of Win7 but still. I want to wait till most of the programs I use frequently have a version released for Win7. I don't want to jump in too early and deal with the growing pains but I don't think Win7 is that much of a change from Vista that it will have a ton of bugs.

Oh and I think the reason the support company doesn't want people to jump to 7 is 'cause they might just get a new pc that has 7 on instead of sending their out of warranty pc to them for repair. :)



I've been running 7 since Beta days, it's great!  I've had no issues with stability, compatibility, or anything.  Shoot, I have it running on an old P4 3.0GHz with 1GB of Ram, no issues.  It's time to make the change.




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I have been using 7 since the beta came out and it is by far the best Windows yet. His arguments don't hold water. Even the financial one doesn't make sense. I got my copy of Win7 for $50 and my son got the stundent deal for $30. I use a lot of beta programs and weird stuff and have not had any problem yet. I went from 98SE to XP to Vista to 7 and the Win 7 upgade was by far the easiest.



Don't upgrade because we aren't ready to handle the support calls! That's the message he's sending.

Screw him, I'm ramrodding my in-laws into the world of 7 from XP, and they are fighting. I built them a SFF Athlon 64 X2 based system 2 years ago and all it needs is a new VidCard to be fully compatable. I am going to go ahead and change out the 8 yr old 40GB HDD for a 2.5in HDD, SATA, and a SATA DVD drive to rid them of the IDE cable and improve air flow in that case. Can't happen too soon!



"Don't upgrade because we aren't ready to handle the support calls!"

 Or, please don't get rid of XP because we'll run out of support calls! :)



you have got to be kidding me!  I have been running 7 since jan and even then was a helluva better than vista and I felt even xp.  There is no reason not to upgrade this time around.

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