Study: Blackberry Users Suffer iPhone Envy



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Um wow, i live off of my blackberry for everything, i have no iphone envy. sounds like a very one sided study since the iphone is loosing ground to all the other smarth phones rolling out.



Kind of one sided I'd like to hear how I-phone users like theirs and if any would like to switch. 



My wife has a Blackberry and is counting down the days till our contracts are ready for renewal. Well, mine already is, but how dare I get the iPhone before the wife.



The storm 2 I think has a really nice feel to it, I think it also has many nice features for the future of blackberry


Why A Duck

I work at a place where cell phones with cameras are not allowed, so when my latest contract was up I looked at all the options available. My choices seemed to be the bare bones dumb phone with absolutley no features or a Blackberry Tour (non-camera version). I ended up with the Tour mainly because I wanted a smart(er) phone with a data plan (with email also blocked at work I needed the outside contact).

I could have got an iPhone and then disabled the camera by epoxying over it, but I didn't want to be living without a warranty for two years. It turns out I like my Tour more than I thought I would. The OS has a lot of features that just work, and work like I want them too. Having said that I'd still love to have an iPhone. I've had an iPod Touch for over a year now and love it. If I could add a phone and data plan to that I would switch in a contractually-allowed heartbeat.

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