Staples Wants a Bigger Slice of the IT Pie



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It all sounds pretty ambitious, and I like Staples. This may now steer me away, I don't need them eating into my meager Mom and Pop IT shop for a customer base, and I sure don't see them offering the kind of face to face, weeknight or weekend call- me -and- talk- to- a -human immediately service  that I least not without a hefty premium. This will be a good job opportunity for all the ex- carpenter now turned IT professional graduates pouring out of the Tech schools.



Why in the world would a carpenter want to trade in their very high paying job to come work in our field? My friend Joe is a carpenter/cabinet maker and clears over $80k a year! LOL

I like Staples too but I don't think you'd see too many of your customers leaving for this service. What I'd be most worried about are new customers who potentially may jump at the convenience of getting their IT services from the same place they get a lot of their SOHO tech products. I've noticed a ton of business class products being offered at my local Staples lately (Toshiba Tecra models, HP Compaq Commerical laptops) so this actually makes sense.



I have to agree with you. dang!



 they support Apple, Mac, Microsoft and Linux OSes? Their's a Apple OS and Mac OS?

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Sebie Kay

Yeah, if they start advertising 'Apple OS support and Mac OS support'... I am so running the other direction.  This sounds like the new 'geek squad', except with much higher stakes.

Forget about accidentally deleting grandma's pictures...these guys are out to delete your bank's monthly statements!! 

Will these guys also say that Mac's don't catch viruses?  If they do, I would like to introduce them to Norton Antivirus... for MAC!! 

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



To be fair guys, it's a typo in the article, not what's printed in the press release. The press release states it properly as:

 "...Managed services, including on-site and remote server and desktop support for Apple(R) (Mac), Microsoft(R), and Linux platforms, and engineers certified in industry-leading certifications, such as Cisco(R), Citrix(R), and Linux;..."

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