Sneaky Windows 7 Zero-Day Bug Confirmed



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How about a link to the ComputerWorld article that had that quote? I'm trying to understand how blocking ports 139 and 445 will "kill a browser." For the most part, Microsoft has recommended that in the past because of Netbios security problems and my browsers never died.

Then again, would prefer not having to explicitly block ports.



Personally right now my machines are 4 Win Vista and 1 Win 7 and its things like this that really cheeses me off. When Win 7 came out i thought i would give Microsoft a second chance and i see they are doing the same old crap.

"Microsoft didn't give a time frame on when it will patch the bug. In
the meantime, users can stay protected by blocking TCP ports 139 and
445 at the firewall, although doing so would also disable browsers and
a host of critical services, including network file-sharing and IT
group policies, ComputerWorld reports."

So we are not to go on internet till they get it fixed. They striped so much stuff out of Vista to speed it up and called it Win 7. It seams some of the stuff they striped out was security stuff. Win 7 was supposed to be there most secure operating system.



...Except you could still use Snow Leopard to its fullest if you didn't have a guest account to screw things up. Oh and that bug is fixed anyway so...moot point. Apparently Win7 is not the bulletproof juggernaut you all claim it to be. Happy browsing...oooh...sorry. Oh come on now...don't be that way! You guys did have a field day with that guest account bug in Snow Leopard. Im just returning the favor...and further propagating the myth that Mac users are smug elitists. Its nothing personal. 




The difference is Microsoft doesn't go on national tv and claim how they are impervious to malware. BTW love the elitist Mac user part, good job! You elitist 'bastage'! ;)



They couldn't do that even if they really wanted to. Not with their stellar track record. They'd never get away with it.



 or claim "moving to a new system" will just be a choice of venders as they do with Seven vs OSX (lets ignore the fact none of your softwere will transfer)

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I don't think disabling large portions of the Operating System is really a fix.



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