Smartphones Just as Vulnerable to Rootkits as Desktop PCs



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there is rootkit detection and removal software out there for linux, so possibly android and other linux-ish phone OS's could leverage that capability.  I don't know much about that software, just that it exists.  That's a start at least.  I guess iphone and windows phones would have to find a different solution...


Keith E. Whisman

only problem is that there are alot of different os's available for phones and even those differ from carrier to carrier and handset to handset so sure the G1 is vulnerable and the Iphone too but which one do you write a virus for and then you have to figure out how your going to distribute the virus and execute the code. So I still feel pretty secure. Besides aren't most rootkits from companies like the old sony rootkits and I believe there were a few from some video games. 

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