Should Windows Come with a Built-In PDF Viewer?



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Keith E. Whisman

I wish microsoft would include a built in PDF viewer and printer. I get something like that with MS Office but most of the world uses PDF. Somehow I think that if MS were to suddenly build in support for viewing and making PDF documents MS will get sued for monopolistic practices again. 

Another thing remember that virus writers and hackers attack Adobe PDF viewer because most people have it installed on their systems. It's an extremely popular piece of software just like Windows is an extremely popular OS. Attackers are starting to target other popular PDF viewers as well like FoxIt Reader because it's gotten very popular and the people that don't have Adobe have FoxIt.  



micro$ would just bloat it like dopepy, ah.... I mean, adobe.

Just use Foxit and be happy.



I don't think this is going to happen as M$ just doesn't want another ammunition for anti-trust anti-competitive issues.



 The two file types that annoy me because of lac of Windows support (I love the programs that I do use for them but I hate Windows can't just do it) and those are .PDF and .ISO  

As for getting rid of PDFs (as some people on this page are suggesting) I understand where PDFs come in handy.  My motherboard doesn't tell you the + or - pins for any of the switches or leds and I don't have the manual.  Since the manufacturer (Asus) lets you download the manual online in PDF it means It is less likely I will accidentially change something.  And it gives it a cleaner, more professional look.



I agree with kiaghi7 ,  get rid of PDFs all together.  There is nothing portable about the (P)DF, and Open Office does whatever you need to do concerning documents.



It's always seemed to me that Microsft has deliberately avoided developing a well rounded and fully baked OS.  They seem just far enough behind the curve to avoid being technologically out front and maximally useful to the majority of their users.  Who here hasn't been forced to look for alternative programs to improve on and make up for it's lacking.

Whether it's deliberate or not I find I'm far more impressed with the Google, Apple, and Mozilla programmers and the like than I ever will be of Microsoft"s.

Billions of dollars appears not to buy you very much these days.  I'm often left wondering who it is leading their parade.  They always somehow seem to be just a little out of step with the rest of us.



How about we simply get rid of the obscenely unnecessary PDF format altogether?


There is nothing that it does that can't be done BETTER with LESS resources and loads FAR FAR FAR faster in other formats. PDF is like the floppy disk of document formats... It's still around but why on God's green earth is anyone still using it for ANYTHING anymore?


If anything, like Flash and several other Adobe debacles, they tend to be greater security risks than any legitimate benefit they provide, and mind you this is from a hard core Photoshop user since PS5 and PS6!

Adobe needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel by putting more problems into the mix than they solve, let PDF just die, and let's all thank our lucky stars we aren't burdened with it anymore.



I don't see why not - because every PC is bound to going to need a PDF-reader anyways. What isn't in PDF these days?



"But some of those features have opened Windows users up to virus attacks."  But hey there's no security flaws in windows at all.  :)



But there's FAR fewer flaws that are open to attack in Windows OS than there are in it's 3rd party programs. 



I dont think that Microsoft should put a PDF reader in Windows, it would allow everyone to cry foul.  But what they could do (I think) is add a PDF reader to all versions of office.  They could argue that people that use office also need a PDF reader.



As long as they don't include Adobe Reader as the default reader. Bloated annoying POS that software is...



Just another case of something Apple can get away with that Microsoft would get slapped down with an antitrust case if they tried.



I wonder if what the EU is doing is a legitimate antitrust thing, or if they're just looking for a way to get a couple hundred million. People are all like "well if IE is on their computer, they'll never figure out that there are better browsers!". How come that same logic can't be applied to say Apple or I daresay Linux? Niether operating system's default browser slaps you in the face with browser alternatives like the EU is making Microsoft do. I understand that Linux has that software install list, but I don't even think many people are going to touch it.




F-Secure is right, a built-in PDF reader would be a neat addition. And the European Union could look forward to another big payday as it hits Microsoft with one more record-breaking fine.

-Paul Lilly

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