Security Guard Pleads Guilty to Hacking after Posting Incriminating YouTube Video



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Who determines what punishment fits the crime?  The violator or the violated?  I'm not sure what is suitable punishment.  However, I'm a firm believer that punishment should be a deterence.  I don't care if he got it installed but it never activated or if he was just caught in the act and never finished installing etc etc etc


I say this.  Because, unfortunately, you have to start someplace...  Make punishment "deter" just sentence the max.  Period no extenuating circumstances if he/she broke the law throw the book at them.  When you can't whine plead or squirm your way outta deep sh!t... You won't get into deep sh!t.




Keith E. Whisman

What are the facts here? Did he harm any of the computers he installed malware onto? Did it actually victimize any innocent parties? Did it cause the hospital to lose any money at all? I agree he should be punished but 20years for this little when murderers our out in 7years if it's 2nd degree or manslaughter sometimes even less than 3years? I mean nobody was victimized, nobody suffered any physical harm or even lost any money as this was an attack directed at other underground hackers. It seems the to me that the idea was to use the email or to just access the others servers with thousands of connection attempts all at once. How often does a computer at a nurses station need to access the internet? Usually it's mainly for the hospital network. And I really doubt this would have lasted for more than a few hours if it did clog up access to the internet. 

I say give the kid a fine and make him do public service. Like pick up trash with Boy George or something like that. He has lost his job and now has a police record.

If he had actually harmed someone physically or financially or even did physical damage to the computers. If he had actually targeted the hospital where he worked or did anything for financial gain at the expense of the hospital or anyone else I would say go ahead and hang him. But to go nuts with 20 years in prison for something that is just barely blue collar and it's just barely blue collar. Ever so slightly blue collar because he didn't even defraud anyone of anything.

Hell alot of people say that pirating movies is horrible but the most that becomes of people that get caught in the US is they get sued. Pirating movies actually victimizes someone. And when people sell pirated movies it harms people financially and all they get is sued. I say let the punishment fit the crime and 20years is just over board.  



Someone is going to hack his butthole where hes going


Mighty BOB!




Possibility of 10 years for each count? Isn't that a little harsh? What a waste of taxpayer's dollars.




*** "Either we conform the Truth to our desires or we conform our desires to the Truth." ***



Four words of advice, Don't drop the soap.



I tell you what's impossible : you convincing the big dude in jail NOT to stick it in your behind hahahahahahaa



I can't wait until they come out with a musical about star crossed lovers from opposite sides of a battle between hacking groups.  Maybe Veronica Belmont could be the romantic lead.


"Tekzilla!  I just watched a show called Tekzilla!  Now suddenly I find, my Perl scripts aren't so kind..."



Serves him right for installing bad coding on a hospital's computer of all places. Worst of all was that cocky youtube video. It's going to be mission impossible where you're going pal.


Mighty BOB!

Yeah seriously.  Don't screw with hospital computers.  People's lives sort of depend on them.



I love how these idiots do the most assinine thing and then post it on YouTube thinking that they are so cool. Then, it turns and bites them right in the ass.

Thanks for incriminating yourself. You just made it easier for the law to get you, which is always nice in cases like this.



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