Report: Upsurge in Sophisticated Cyber Attacks



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 ....the last paragraphs statistics are so out of whack it isn't funny....the day the U.S. beats China and Russia in cyber attacks, is the day I call foul and question M86's (whoever they are) results.


The "CLOUD" is the biggest mistake this country has made...EVER !



no man read it more carefully & think it through

...number of websites hosting malicious code listed by country where domain is registered or/and hosted

considering well over half of the world's websites are hosted within the usa & many more domain names hosted or mirored elsewhere were originally registered in the Internet's birthplac or are still owned/maintained/managed from stateside companies I'd be crying foul if we wern't in first or second place!

remember hosting malicious code just means being part of a botnet or being compromised by local malicious code such as a virus or trojan

it doesn't mean the system is the ultimate origin of said item of malware, just currently hosting\propogating\executing it

as populated & connected as the PRC has become they've nowhere near the internet access nor web volume as north america or europe & probably not even taiwan so while we're listed as hosting 40%+ of the world's detected malware that's most likely a relatively lower percentage of our total connected systems whereas the prc's ~15% is probably a huge proportion of their total web volume

the Information age is all about ratios my friend!! binary law, too!

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