Oracle Starts Charging for Previously Free ODF Office Plug-In



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is MySQL going completely commerical only. It'll be a bit like how redhat is atm. No way to actually get it without buying it. Then they'll move on from there, and make it like their oracle databases, and after that, you'll be left with mysql as being exactly like it followed by Mysql dying.

Also java going closed source won't hurt alot of people out there. After that, they'll start charging for any of the other things they have out there. Wait for "open office" to be commercial only in the near future. After that... well i don't know what else is left really that'd affect a large group of people out there. Well the only other thing is that our "javascript" will no longer be called javascript. And it'll be called something else but that'll just be a naming convention and nothing more than that.

I saw all of this coming once Oracle bought them out. Good ol' greed, it's a great thing let me tell you. This is why i believe that open source projects should not be allowed to be owned and also that this deal should've died. Right now the only main sql databases out there are Oracle, and MSSQL. Oracle owns Mysql so i'm lumping it in with them. So that means all that's left is for MS to make a deal with oracle and shazam no more open source utilities that are as great as mysql.






I told you so!



Next thing you'll know is that they will close source Java. Boooo!



I'm glad I looked for an Open Source equivalent (unaware of the Sun plug-in) when a client needed one.


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