Oracle Accused of Overcharging by U.S. Government



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What all of you seem to be ignoring is that the US government as a whole is buying more licenses then most companies. You’re dealing with an entity that has millions of user (employees/contractors) as opposed to a large company who might have hundreds of thousands employees. So yah the big fish in the pond should get a discount commiserate with the volume they buy. The biggest employers around are usually federal, national or state government’s not individual companies.  


I Jedi

No, everyone here understands that the biggest fish in the pond should get a discount; however, we're all making fun of the U.S. government worrying over 10 million dollars when its spent and wasted one helluva lot more than that.



But then again, I guess the government expect them to sell everything for 90-100% off like Microsoft does. Maybe they should just use GLAMPP servers if less than a hundred thousandth of their bloated budget concerns them so.



Funny how they say oracle is overcharging their customers when, 1. they(the government) spent over 3 trillion dollars on nothing, and 2. they arent accusing M$ for overcharging all of there customers



I don't get it...they should be able to charge whatever they want...that's how capitalism works.


I Jedi

Funny, the government blows so much money on everything else, that I cannot understand why their so butthurt over 10 million dollars? Sure, it is my taxpayer money down the drain, but that hasn't stopped them before from blowing it. I understand their complaint against Oracle for this GSA discount, but it just seems weird to me that they should be concerned over 10 million dollars.




 In all seriousness, however, it's things like this that make me cringe at the future.  All these thought-police acts that are coming to light, and it turns out the Government has just as shallow pockets as we do.  Only instead of taking the illegal route, they take the "We're the Government so give us what we want" angle.  Then they use the "taxpayer" as a brute-force method, for backup. Is it possible that Oracle overcharged?  Sure.  Do I think this is the American Government trying to get something for cheaper than they should because they don't like paying it?  Absolutely.  If they wanted their so-called discounts, it should have been their duty, just like any other business, to make sure they knew what they were getting.

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