Novell Wants to be Bought Out



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My paystub, not directly from Novell, is still because of Novell. I have been in IT the last 17 years and the whole time it been based on Novell being there. I agree that somethings they do aren't the easiest, but you also have better options with Novell. They have been around in the server world a very long time and resting on the now retired NetWare server was probably not the best thing to do, but they have a great product set with SuSE.

I for one don't know what will happen with Novell.

I don't see anyone forking out $2 billion+ dollars for them though.




Does anyone realy still care about Novell? If so for gods sake why? When I took a Novell Administration course in college 10 years ago it was completely irrelevant and outclassed in every way by Microsoft and others. I can't imagine the situation has gotten any better. Novell is the slow, difficult, and painful way of doing things. They don't need to be bought. They just need to die quietly.



Unfortunately some of us are bound by the decisions of people who take anti-Microsoft sentiment into greater consideration than actual productivity and value. As the only real commercial alternative to MS for a major network platform, Novell serves a purpose.

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