MySQL Community Takes Anti Oracle-Sun Merger Protest to the East



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MySQL sold itself to SUN for $$$.

SUN is selling itself to Oracle for $$$.

Now it is time to "free" MySQL again because Larry Ellison is... whatever.

If you want to keep your software free, do not sell it for $$$ in the first place.



 a little late to the party, just give it up people.

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Oracle has a history of destroying everything it touches.  Most notably as of late was Sleepycat's Berkeley DB which was clearly ignored for ages, ripped apart and destroyed to bolster Oracle sales before throwing together a half-assed version to shutup the enthusiasts who previously supported the database.

Granted, Oracle is an excellent database, but I really hope Oracle doesn't do to mySQL what they did to Berkeley DB.  mySQL has become THE web database of choice by web developers (aside from the .NET devs who swear by msSQL... also a good database).

 Although I do want to say much of the mySQL community wasn't too thrilled when Sun came into the picture a few years ago either (hence why Oracle can have Sun, but not mySQL), I hope this merger won't hinder mySQL as we know it today.  Oracle's history however doesn't exactly paint a positive future for mySQL should Oracle get a hold of it.

Logical next step after this one for Oracle is postgreSQL, or will they take the larger step and go after Microsoft's SQL?

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