MySQL Community Organizes Last-Minute Anti-Oracle Protest



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Instead of moaning and groaning, why don't these guys pass around the hat, collect 7,400,000,001 Billion and outbid Larry?


Finally, one person coughs and speaks up: "Trade you a can of Jolt for a MySQL!"


You choose a flightless bird as a mascot and wonder why it doesn't take off?



Is anyone else wondering why this is going through the EU?  Aren't both of these American companies?



Both of these companies also have global markets, users, and employees, and the EU is the only government in the world that gives a crap about technology and monopolies. They have been going at Microsoft non-stop for over 10 years.


Also factor in that MySQL was founded in Sweden.



Next time don't spend a month in a cave. Seriously they are protesting NOW?

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