MSI Banking on Server Business to Drive Up Profits



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I was looking at buying an MSI server once, but could not find any info on aquiring one.  The MSI licensed resellers did not sell them and had no information on where I can get them from.  I called MSI, and the sales person (who hardly spoke english) did not even know the model number I was referring to...after I told him it's a server, he said MSI does not sell servers in Canada.  I called an MSI sales rep in the states, and he told me to call one of their licensed resellers; at this point I gave up as it appears I was about to go into an infinite loop.

I ended up buying a Nexcom instead, it's way better then the MSI box i was looking at anyway :)

I have a custom built Asus server also and I think MSI has a looong way to go before they can get to where Asus is in this market...I'm not even gonna mention Dell, HP and IBM


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