Microsoft Responds to Google Snub



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Well...after the debacle of security, performance, and general user friendliness that was Windows Vista,I think its just a little too early for microsoft to be throwing rocks from their glass house...Especially at linux' security...In my experiences, you have to try pretty hard to get a virus or keylogger on linux. "When it comes to security, even hackers admit we're doing a better job making our products more secure than anyone else." Well thats fine and dandy, especially considering that no one in their right mind only runs your security exclusively, so your security is some ole bs. :P And if thats the case...why did it take you so long to get conflicker figured out?(Did microsoft figure it out?) But who knows...maybe im just crazy...a copy of 7 might fix that. Any donors so i can test it out? :D



Mac OSX is just as suseptable to malware and virus' as Windows. It's just that hackers and such don't bother with them because of thier low market share compared to all windows OS's. If Mac OSX was to start gaining rapid market share, you bet your ass virus' will start flying and hit them hard.

 I actually can't wait for this day to show SJ that he and his little apple fritters are not above the god's. 



 Now that Steam is on OSX, I can see their adoption rate increasing, and them becoming the target of malware more and more.


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