Microsoft Meets (and Exceeds) Goal of Handing Out 5,000 Pink Slips



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How does firing people increase revenue? I can see it increasing profit, but I do not understand how it would increase the total amount of money flowing through the company's hands... (revenue) Am I missing something?



 I love the term "layoff" instead of "fired". Layoff means to temporarily lay off some of the workforce and rehire them when business picks up. What companies are actually doing is firing them while giving a bribe ("severance package") so they do not sue.

   So profits are up are they? Sure, you get rid of a bunch of people and you do not have to pay them any more! So it makes the shareholders happy. On the other hand, a company like Microsoft is ALL about having talented people, it is their ONLY true asset. So you fire folks and the company suffers long term. There is no "trimming of the fat", the company WILL suffer in the months and years to come.

My company started a modest layoff when it was at 43,000 in 2000. Well, here it is in 2010 and the company has only 15,000 people left (I was fired in 2004). This has been just to keep the stock at the same price for all these years. Whole products have disappeared or been sold off. It when they started firing the salesmen wholesale that I knew the company was in bad shape.


Sebie Kay

I wonder what positions were cut?  Were they simply trimming the fat that they had added over the years (laying off 2 out of every 5 'consultants'), or were the serious jobs cuts (such as laying off 4 out of 5 programmers).  It could simply be trimming fat that wasn't needed in the first place.  The the worse case scenario would be if these were serious jobs that were laid off.. just to out source them to another country!  


Anyone have any idea on positions that were cut, and if they did any outsourcing to those positions?

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