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Over 7000 (as of November 2010) free community-contributed addons, known as contrib modules, are available to alter and extend Drupal's core capabilities and add new features or customize Drupal's behavior and appearance. Because of this plug-in extensibility and modular design, Drupal is sometimes described as a content management framework.Drupal is also described as a web application framework, as it meets the generally accepted feature requirements for such frameworks.california aviation services



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 How many computer languages are out there? My son who is double majoring in Comp Sci and math can rattle off 2 dozen that he has programmed in. Hell, back in 1970 I went through Cobol, Snobol, APL, Fortran, Basic, and Assembler in one year. IN 1970! Mostly in punch cards!




Part of being a leading publication is doing a little proofreading.  :-)  Love the website and magazine, keep up the great work.




Yeah I use joomla too. Haven't used drupal but it looks dull..






I am a web developer and like Joomla! or wordpress a whole lot more....



I think you meant 'tough' not 'touch'. But it is interesting to me so I looked up Dave's blog : 


I recently learned that there are more jobs available working with Drupal than there are employees to fill them. According to John Faber, COO at AF83, a Drupal development shop, they're so busy with projects that they've had to turn away business. And it's the same for many other Drupal specialists in San Francisco. There's a clear need for bodies skilled in Drupal and other open-source software, including Linux.

I am not sure John's comment would be unbiased.

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