IT Survey: Macs Less Expensive to Manage than PCs



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They're less expensive to manage because they arn't managed.  At all three companies I've done IT work for, the couple of Macs onsite were we-don't-support-that-but-we-won't-stop-you-from-using-one deals.  Whenever they went sideways over something, the user was SOL until they fixed it themselves or a consultant came in for a few hours.



lets also not forget the company that did this survey makes programs for the mac so the survey is probably one big marketing campaign, I woulnd't believe one tiny bit of it.



Exactly.  Might as well have had a survey asking which was cheaper to maintain - a George Foreman Grill or a Coleman Classic.  Yeah, the George Foreman may be cheaper to maintain, but I can't cook a porterhouse on it so it's useless to me.



 the difference is your office is pc with a few macs, a company that is mac centric WOULD have to service it

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My company is 90% mac. It's freaking expensive!. Dual G5, liquid cooled heat sink leaked obviously after Apple Care expired. $1000 to replace heat sink since Apple don't manufacture G5 any more. Also No guaranty replacement heat sink will not leak!

Latest version of Creative Suite's Photoshop needs a video card with at least 512mbs of vram for 3D. $300 for an Apple authorized card that's 2 generations behind PC counter part which is usually $80 and there are no other options for this card except a $2000 Highend graphics card meant for CAD! Bullshit!

Apple Customer service suggesting to buy a $35,000 upgrade to a third party software because Leopard doesn't support the previous version of this software. And they won't send me a Tiger install disc because TIGER WON'T ON THIS MAC???!!!! WTF??!!

How is this inexpensive?!

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