IT Heads Need Talent to Recover in 2010



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"Dubie points to research from various sources who all have found that high-tech suits are fearful about how to handle business in the coming year if left with a lean staff."

Pay employees better, provide better benefits, and people will be beating the door down.  Show me a company doing that and they'll never be in short supply of IT professionals.



 you missed the point, if the CURRENT staff is underpaid and the recovery sees EVERYONE offering benefits and raises, sure you might get MORE new people but all the OLD staff haven takken newer, better paying jobs where they are appricated so the company still ends up understaffed AND is missing their experienced staff as well.

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I didn't even read the article before I chuckled at the picture.  I love those SNL skits.  Favorite one was with Jackie Chan.  Thanks for the flash back.



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