Intel's Much Anticipated Tukwila Itanium Processor to be Announced Feb. 8



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 I was with the test and Measurement arm of HP when HP and Intel codeveloped the Itanium chip. It was meant to REPLACE the Pentium processors. No, really! Its a monster of a beast of a chip, the heatsink alone weighs in at 3-4 pounds and the CPU is on a board to get all the pins accessible. Its a 64 bit Risc chip started in the late 90's. Its biggest issue has always been that it is slow. Real slow.

 I had my hands on THE first chip off of the assembly line as we were working on how to get a logic analyzer on  this bad boy. Our solution was not pretty but it worked. 

The forecast was in the $35-40 billion dollar range. Turns out that only recently has it even made a billion even with all the work going into the chip. That is why it has been called the Itanic. 

Check wikopedia for more info.



Intel does it cause they care...

It will still cost you an arm and a leg, which is too much to bear...

They build fast, quality products for you too mount...

All at the expense of your bank account!!!



Does anyone know anything special about these procs? I have heard nothing... 


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The only special things of note are different archictecture (IA-64) and bigger cache. 

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