IDC: IT Clamoring for Cloud Services



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 The "Cloud" seems like a good idea....that's assuming you actually TRUST the people with your data.  As has been said....numerous times:  "Don't trust anyone, don't click nuthin'."  All the Cloud does is make it far easier to fall prey to the TWO big evils of our times....

1.  Anyone with reams of user data ....will sell to the highest bidder.

2.   Any centralized data store, WILL fall prey to both hackers and ...see #1 above  :/



The "CLOUD" is the biggest mistake this country has made...EVER !



Think of the cost savings of virtual cloud desktops.  I've heard many companies "looking" into this solution.  It wil allow them to cut there IT staff/Helpdesk departments in half.  Why employ 10 IT guys when you only need 3-4 to replace the little boxes on the users desktops or whip out their virtual profile and start fresh.  HUGE savings!  Bad news for those on the lower spectrum of IT/Support

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