HP to Scoop Up Quick-Boot OS from Phoenix



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Frozen Canuck

The major downside of Phoenix's Hyper Space OS is the fact that it is not yours to actually own. You have to subscribe and pay a regular fee in order to use it on your computer. Considering that it has been the universal mission statement of Linux producers to release Linux OSes under free-for-use GPL terms, this marks not only a major departure for a version of Linux, but it also raises the serious question of:

"If you buy an HP computer pre-installed with Phoenix Hyper Space OS and don't subscribe, will the HP computer still let you use the pre-installed Windows OS, or will it permanently lock you out of your own computer until you agree to subscribe?"

The idea of having to pay a regular subscription in order to use an OS on an already expensive computer sounds like just another cash-grab. My advice: Save your old PCs and Laptops. At least you own them!

Staying Frosty...



Oooooooooooo me like :) this has potential to be an awesome operating system. Now if we can just get Windows to do the same thing.


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