HP Finalizes Palm Buyout, Confirms webOS Tablet



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It's a long shot, but I hope someone high up at HP was a big
fan of Palm's Grafiti input system and would like to bring
it back to WebOS (for use with a finger). As I understand
it, Palm in the end lost the court battles against Xerox
regarding Xerox's patent that they were claiming Grafiti
violated. But perhaps HP can buy or license that patent.
For old-school Grafiti fans like me, Grafiti II just wasn't
an adequate replacement for the original Grafiti, and in the
end Palm just abandoned that kind of input system.

If HP brings the original Grafiti to webOS
devices (and has a decent app store), I would buy them over
iPhone or Droid devices just to get back my favorite input
system of all time.



I have a Palm Pixi smart phone (the soap bar model with the smaller screen), but I didn't commit to Palm and webOS until after HP's acquisition offer. With HP I'm confident that the already excellent Palm webOS "cards" interface will receive future development and future products. I love the amazingly intuitive webOS interface. It multi-tasks and offers multi-touch. The learning curve for a smart phone is very easy. You only have to learn two gestures which the phone teaches you upon activation. The App Catalog is not yet as comprehensive as Android or iPhone. There are some serious Apps not yet available on webOS, but there are enough to add some useful functionality. I can't wait to see HP's webOS tablet. The cards interface is perfect for a tablet. And I expect HP to feature printing (unlike Apple). HP + Palm will finally give Palm the financial depth to compete and develop. Palm will give HP a significant point of differentiation for its hardware products. I'm truly excited. But I don't underestimate the effort that will be required to get consumers to pay attention to webOS in an Android/Apple saturated environment.

 I have and like several Apple products. I'm impressed with Android's maturation with the constant flow of new products and fairly frequent OS updates. RIM has to get a real browser to stay in the consumer game. (I know the new RIM OS is coming,) If Palm's own experience doesn't highlight it's a crowded and tough market, look at Microsoft's Danger/Kin/Windows Phone 7, or Nokia's Symbian experience. You can't be late to market and it takes a lot of resources to be relevant and maintain the development pace. HP can do that. I have my fingers crossed that they will.



i second this. in february, i switched to sprint and the pre. i was going to go with an android phone and at the time, i had never used android or webos. after playing with both at the sprint store, i was amazed at how simple and intuitive the pre was wo use, hardware was meh, but it was weird, its like i knew how to use it off the bat. android on the other hand felt odd and confusing. so im defintely excited abotu the future with these two forces united. hopefully they wont let us down

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