Harder, Better, Faster, Strong: IBM's Newest Multi-Core Power7



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I know this hardware is part of the Big Iron used in data-centers, however, would it be possible for MaximumPC to do a review of such hardware? We always hear about Intel this, Intel that and AMD this and that, etc. 

And...it would also be interesting to see other motherboards such as dual and quad socket boards being reviewed besides the single socket boards.

Psst! I'm talking to you Tyan and Supermicro!



how is this processor like, compared to a core i7 ??



Power7 is really meant for server duty. In a server/virtualization/data-center scenarios an i7 CPU would not be able to keep up with Power7. The Intel i7 desktop chips are just that...meant for desktop environments and desktop software. I'm not sure how the Power7 would behave in a desktop environment with a desktop OS if one would be able to achieve such a complex feat. Power7, in UNIX environments, not on Windows.

Overall, the Power7 is one scary chip. There's a reason why IBM has such a presence in the land of the Big Iron.

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