Greenest Supercomputer Needs a Zip Tie or Ten



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"pump out 200 gigaflops with the same amount of power it takes to run a


There are regular household lightbulbs that run on 13W, and ones that  run on 300W. Where does this fall?



Just throwing a wild guess out there, but I'm thinking either 60 or 100W.



they could have pushed all of those closer together, thus neding shorter cabling and they could use the table to feed the employees that are maintaining it. i do have to commend their current wiring job, though. i think it looks quite neat. the server room at my place of work is as big as a half-bathroom, with server racks and backup stuff taking up 80% of the area.

we have it so tidy, rats get stuck when they have wormed their way into cable bundles, and die cause they cant get out. a lil' bit of breathing room never hurt anyone.



Are you joking?  I can't stand zip ties.  As others have mentioned, changing a cable is a pain.  And when you're done, you're putting a hundred zip ties back.  What a waste of money.

Zip ties can also be overtightened, damaging the outter jacket of the cable and crimping the wires inside.

The true answer, along with using cable runs, is VELCRO.  Or, in the case of copyrights, hook and loop fastners.



 I'd be intersted in seeing a higher res pic of this


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From that image, they don't know what cable management is, xD.

Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



 Actually, it is more efficent to have the wires someplace where you can GET AT THEM! I worked HP repair for 25 years and the one thing I hated was those neatniks who, oh so joyfully, crafted a wire work of art. I always loved cutting a hundred wire ties just so I could remove a damn board from a computer. And to trace a cable? can you imagine how difficult that is when they are bundled in groups of 50 or so? Put the wires in a wire run but let them run free. 



i have to say that i'm a neat freak and i like zip ties just in specific places..but what i like and find more useful are those Velcro ties...they work just as good, can be reused, and you can color coordinate them with the rest of your desk or in my case my server room at work i can color coordinate them to the subnets and vlan groups.



DING DING! You are correct Sir. I hate it when an easy job like swapping a mouse grinds to a halt when I find 2 dozen zip ties around every cable.



Now thinking about it cable mangement isnt very smart. It LOOKS good but ins't good later on.



what a nightmare wiring job.



WHAT a rats nest somebody smack the doink who thought this was a tidy job and time to knock off for a beer jeeeez arse talk about new meaning to ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK i for one would be scared of tripping arse over bollocks and becoming part of the matrix never to be seen again except in reruns  


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