Did Dell Knowingly Sell Busted PCs?



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You guys should check out the company I use DakTech Computers.

I went with them after having too many issues with my Dell's. They are out of Fargo ND and called DakTech Computers. They offer a 7 Year Warranty on all of their desktops and servers. Great Intel based machines. Never have had any issues and if I ever have any questions or concerns, I just call and someone picks up the phone in their tech department and talks to me. Absolutely the best PC company I have ever dealt with in my life. Ask for David in sales and he will take care of you.




Replaced many, many of those mobos for several customers a few years ago. Dell owned up to the problem and fixed them, though they could have responded a bit faster.

Think HP is wonderful? Why won't they acknowledge the true scope of the nVidia "bumping" defect that plagues their laptops from the mid and late 2000s?



I had  bunch of 270's and 280's at a bank I worked at during that time. Dell knew about the issue. All I had to say was SFF 270/280 and leaking caps in the same sentence and they sent me a new board the next day. I thought they handled the support of this fine. I'm on the fence on dinging Dell with this one. Yeah they sold a bum product, but they owned up to it and corrected the issues as they came.

Edit--In my new IT shop at another bank we're all running corporate HP's. 



We had a bunch of Optiplex 260 quite a few years ago that had capacitors that started to leak. Dell was good and replaced all the mainboards even after the warrantee expired.



My high school has a load of 260s. They're still running strong, but the 745s that replaced them are having problems...


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Interesting. We've had a few bum Optiplexes over the last few years so I believe it. The new Latitude line seems pretty buggy too.



Trust me, this is true. My firm had over 700 of these defective POS's. the motherboards failed on all of them at one point. We eventually convinced Dell to replce the mobo's again as the replacement boards were failing as well. That did no good as those boards fialed also. Dell, as usual, ignored the complaints and told us we were just runninng them to hard and to long. When it came time to upgrade our hardware, despite my protestations, my firm stayed with Dell. Now we are having issues with the Latitude E4300 seiries and Dell is totally ignoring the problem. If you work on battery for while, than switch to the adaptor, it totally hard locks the laptop. The only time this does not happen is if you line up the barrel of the plug with the connector and plug it in very slowly, or leave teh adaptor unplugged from teh wall and plug it into the laptop first than plug it in. But, Dell states there is no issue, depsite hundreds of complaints to the contrary on their forums. Dell is Hell, and hoepfully next time we upgrade my firm takes my advice and purchases Lenovo's



HP has good corporate products and support. 



I really wouldn't doubt if this were true.



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