Dell Settles with SEC for $100 Million



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I ask all the people supporting Dell to WAKE UP!  I hope you understand that Intel has used the Celeron chip as a give away (i.e. FREE) to computer companies for years to keep them purchasing OVER PRICED CPU's from Intel!  Whether it be Dell, Toshiba, Sony, NEC, etc. ALL of the major players in the computer market has been BOUGHT by Intel and we are the LOSERS!   For years there has been no competition in the CPU market because AMD has not been allowed to enter it.  Even with better priced and faster CPU's, AMD was shut out because Intel was giving away the Celeron "crap" chip.  There were kickbacks to these companies for ONLY purchasing Intel... Intel is a dirty company and those supporting Intel are losers... as we all are for letting this continue! 



Dude, you're gettin' a settlement!

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