Is Cisco's $3 Billion Offer for Tandberg Enough?



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I think Cisco should reconsider what they're buying. We use Tandberg units at our company and DAMN are they awful. I guess they work as advertised, but for what they cost, they'd better be amazing. I don't really see the point of video conferencing anyways outside of being just another gadget for us IT staff to manage for the upper echelon. Give our district managers the choice of flying to Vegas/Orlando/New York for a week long meeting (read: vacation) all on the company's money or they can just sit at their desks talking to their screens. Do you REALLY think these things are going to reduce our travel budget? 



if i had stock in that company i would totally agree for cisco to buy it out, just think if cisco really wants this tech and they can spend 3 BILLION to try and get it why wouldn't they just start doing it anyways from the ground up, there big enough thats for sure.

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