Cisco Feeling Spunky, Wants to Change the Internet



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Yay!  Faster pr0n!




I really dont care about how fast it is but just thinking about how much better the latency will be tickles me to death. For us gamers a 300kBS speed and yes i do mean that in other words 1.5Mbps is plenty to run a game online but the latency is the thing that will hang us up and slow down game performance. This should help out us gamers a great deal. Oh and comcast will probly always have the CAP. We are paying for 16Mbps and right now we are only hitting around 5 to 6Mbps that is just horable.



None of if freckin matters if we're getting screwed over by providers enforcing too small of a cap such as 60GB. This really has an impact on our streaming limitations.



Look at it this way. If the ISP's introduced caps because serious downloaders consume too much bandwidth then expanding badwidth should allow them to lift the caps. Unfotunately if an ISP recognizes a significant increase in profits from people exceeding the caps they will probably never go away, even with unlimited bandwidth.

Additionally, as a society we are implementing so many new devices that all tie into the internet. I'd rather see some hardware put in place preemptively to keep us from hitting the backbone's limit than hitting that wall and struggling to react.



"Sheesh, It's just one man's opinion..."   -Me



I'm not being capped, but it doesn't matter if network providers in the USA screw over everyone and give slow connections compaired ot the rest of the world.



 *zooms along on a 15Mb connection that doesn't cost a small fortune*

 Up here in Canada, we seem to be doin' pretty good eh! Take off ya hoser

-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



* zooms along on a 30Mb connection (before adding in powerboost to go above the 30Mb) that doesn't cost a small fortune*

Down here in Virginia, we seem to be doin' pretty good y'all.



* zooms along on a 75Mb Down AND 75Mb Up fiber connection that doesn't cost a small fortune*

Down here in Louisiana we seem to be doin' pretty good y'all.

*Note 75/75 is under $100 bucks & we also have 100/100 for not so much & 1000/1000 for a small fortune, not much if your company needs the bandwidth as a for sale service. We have the fastest in the USA right here in the south!



Winner ^

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