China Chases Supercomputing Performance Crown



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I'm not really up on the state of the art of encryption, but does the U.S.A. still use RSA? 

Is having the fastest supercomputer in the world still a key, excuse the pun, to calculating primes?

I'm aware that the algorithm is more important then mere brute force, and I know what's been accomplished
using distributed networks, which is why I'm asking.

It's just that when I hear that a country whose hackers often seem to be acting in the interest of their country's government, it being really unhealthy to do otherwise in China, and when that government just happens to be a repressive totallitarian regime, I start wondering...

I know I'm just paranoid, it's not like China has done anything serious in what it feels like weeks now.


American by Birth, But Southern by the Grace of God.



I wonder how how many FPS Crysis would run on this?

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