Boeing Planning to Hand Out 800 Pink Slips to IT Workers



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" the company reported record revenue for 2009 at $68.3 billion, up from $60.9 billion in 2008. "

Some people made a lot of money, but it sure ain't the workers!



Well, Boeing did just completed the unveling of their 787, and I'm sure the people that were laid off were directly related to the designing of the 787. The 787 was 2 years behind schedule before its unveling - due to many design flaws - lol, so maybe those were the workers that were fired? The new 787 design will keep them competitive for the next 10 years atleast - according to this analyst that spoke.  Hence, their recent record profit.



This is how all big companies in the US is today. They used the recession as an excuse to lay off worker, just made record profit, but I can't afford to keep you. Some company just use it to trim payroll and hire cheaper. What happen to the good old days when you didn't do your job, you get layoff? Well it called getting a lawsuit cause no matter how bad you are at that job, they don't have the right to just fire you anymore, US gotta love it.

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